Have you ever experienced sudden panic attacks in crowded places?

Do you often feel lonely and disconnected with the world which made you fearful of the people or environment around you?

Have you experienced palpitation and irregular heartbeats even when you are not in a distress condition?

If you have undergone symptoms like the above, chances of you experiencing anxiety is likely to be true. The bad news is; anxiety is very painful to the body, mind and soul. However, the good news is; there are only 3 types of anxiety conditions and we are here to empower you on how to deal with it so that you’ll be able to unfold the peaceful life ahead.

Is anxiety for real?

Besides the imbalance in serotonin level, Anxiety is merely an emotional state that responds to the fear we kept in our mind and body. According to Dr. David R. Hawkins, M.D, Ph.D, (who developed the Map of Consciousness®), described anxiety as a type of emotion that relates to the level of Fear. Dr. Hawkins highlighted that one’s entire life process will be focusing on withdrawal from the society should he or she is constantly living in the state of fear.

Imagine this: How can you be happy in a relationship, how can you be successful in your career or business, or how can you attract wealth and health if everything about your system is in withdrawal motion. At the level of fear, the first thing you see in everything is ‘frightening’ (then the accumulation of negative thoughts) which automatically triggers the intensity of an individual’s anxiety condition.

Map of Consciousness® reveals that Courage is the level where everything in a person’s life is entering the ‘Safe’ zone (which is also known as ‘Healing Point’). Once you are at the level of courage, everything in your system will be turning into empowerment in which fear and anxiety will no longer have control over your life!

Our programme is designed constructively to help shifting you from the level of fear to the level of courage eventually allowing your body to respond to the healing energy accordingly.

Here’s What You’re Going to Get

If you sign up for our coaching programmes, you will get to experience the benefits and rewards in no time!

Reducing in Pain by 90%

Through the healing integration, your body will be ‘reset’ to a state of relaxation and safe. When anxiety arises again, your body will get back to the safest point. The body system will start to integrate its healing on anxiety. This process will reduce the intensity of anxiety and pain for you in an instant.

Enhance Your ‘Chi’ Body

You will learn a simple technique on how to release the energy blockage in your body. A harmony cycle of energy in your body will promote better circulation and channel for anxiety to transmute into healing.

Analysis of Your Energy Body

You get to know what your energy is like and how you can use your unique energy to live a better life and without anxiety and fear.

Strengthen Your Healing Body

We will coach you the right way to allow your body to heal itself. And it all have to do with your mind, emotion and breathing.

And one more thing you should know! Healing anxiety requires the integration between two or more people from different energy levels. In other words, healing anxiety works better when you get help from others who really understand it. DO NOT suffer alone! Reach out to professionals, coaches or healers.

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Disclaimer: We are not medical professionals, and we do not claim that anxiety can only be healed through our programme. We suggest you to continue seeking treatment for anxiety should you currently under medical attention. However, if you are looking for an alternative approach to healing anxiety, we have a trained energy coach to assist you. Please read our Terms and Conditions for more details.