Relationship and Marriage

Are you currently experiencing a difficult relationship with your love ones?

Are you always end up in arguments with your family or your child?

Are you always experience broken friendships?

Does your colleagues treat you with hate and jealousy?

Are you suffering from an abusive relationship?

Do you want to experience a loving relationship?

In our journey, we’ve seen many broken relationships. It happens in the family, to our friends, to our societies and also in our working organization. Some of the damages don’t end there. It usually extended out to our children, to people around us and ourselves. The damages are not like what we seen on the surface. But it has creeped into our belief systems and our mind. Which put us in the risk of damaging relationship too.

The scary part is, there is no end to this. The accumulation of pain we carry caused by broken relationship and we unconsciously use it as a tool to defend our relationship, which, of course, will lead to another broken relationship.

In our coaching programme, we explore the unseen part of the damage, and we coach you on how to bring the harmony back without trying hard through arguments and disagreement. You will also get to release the pain that lives in your body and mind before it manifested in your relationship.

Don’t worry if the pain has already creeped into your relationship. There’s always a way to bring harmony and balance into the chaos.

And one more thing, we are not a marriage counsellor. Our approach purely based on the integration of energy, the science of consciousness and laws of joyful relationship.

Here’s What You’re Going to Get

If you sign up for our coaching programmes, you will get to experience the benefits and rewards in no time!

Communicate the Harmony Way

Through our coaching, you will learn to communicate the way your energy is patterned. It can be as simple as; don’t speak when your energy is ‘down the hill’ or speak the right tone when your energy is ‘up on the hill’ and more. You will be surprised how communicating the right way can help save your relationship!

Remove the Emotional Pain

We coach you to remove emotional pain and blockage from your relationship and your communication. And you will get to learn how to be heard through LOVE. It will enhance compassion and sensual in your relationship.

Learn the Unspoken Communication

You will learn the art to communicate through the silence by using your energy body. Only five to ten minutes a day can improve your relationship by 90%! You ‘gotta’ try this!

Boost Love in Relationship

You will get to improve the state of Love in your relationship by integrating energies between you and your loved ones. Remove all the blockage and allow the energies exchange in the harmonious way and experience all love and romantic relationship again.

Speak the Same Affirmation

Discover the way to minimize the differences in your relationship and explore the same joy and happiness through the powerful affirmations you and loved ones can create. Now having a different perspective is no longer a gap in your relationship.

Are you ready to shed some lights on your troubles? We invite you to subscribe the coaching package and allow us to coach you! Don’t wait

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