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Our Coaching and Healing Program Helps You..

  •  Relax your body and increase your state of inner peace
  •  Shifting your awareness and energy
  • Transform your mind and emotion
  • Claim your Authentic Power
  • Increase your energy body
  • Unfold your True Energy Potentials

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When you were born, you are designed to live authentically as YOU. Your Energetic Imprint has the code of Success, Gifts and Talents.

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Rose Osman is a Certified Energy Coach, specialise in Transcending Awareness, Emotion and Energy.

She is an insightful advisor. Her wisdom comes from the ability to see the cause in emotions and patterns in human awareness. Her coaching strategy focuses on inner transformation and shifting empowerment from the mind to the Soul.

In 2015, she combined Energy Coaching and Corporate Motivation into one program and guided left-brain organisation to evolve into Conscious Corporation.

To date, Rose Osman has coached individuals to heal through Love and Inner Peace. She also guided clients to manifest their dreams, achieve success in their career and goals, attain harmony in the relationship and help clients increase their state of abundance and affluence.


Nilanjana, India

“Your affirmations for connecting to the Universe was so wonderful that my social life has take a 180 degrees turn around. Now I get calls from friends and others for outings and meetings every weekend. I have started taking deliberate steps to experience life in all aspects. “

Mel Diong, Kuala Lumpur

“The coaching on become aware of the feelings, the four steps of healing and forgiveness, truly makes a different. I felt a lot better after forgiving myself. Sleeping was a lot better too. Restlessness once in a while but NO Anxiety! I no longer feeling the rush. It’s easy to be at peace with my body these days. Thanks a lot Rose! “

Jeena Peter, Delhi, India

“Rose helped me resolve my life and career situation in a very short time, something I was struggling with for months. I was really touched by the effort she put in to connect personally with the individual. Thank you so very much Rose for all your help!”

Ana, New York City

“Thank you, Rose! Believe it or not, the gratitude exercise seems to have started working already, much to my surprise! It looks like things fall into place more easily and there is occasional serendipity again – something I used to enjoy quite a bit but haven’t experienced in a long while. “

OUR CLIENTS are from various backgrounds
and ethnics; including a top management personal, managers, employees, students
and self-employed.

Our range of clientele grew up from Malaysia to India, United States of
America and currently reaching Russia. We also have reached Brunei and
Philippines through undocumented motivation and consultation for the
past two years.

10 Days to Transform Anxiety into Peace

Dealing with Anxiety requires courage and strengths. Tango With Anxiety, Peacefully, offers you practical steps to shift the energy of Anxiety into Peace.

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